Why the Fuss Over Words & Grammar?

Content. It can make you or break you. It can open a door and slam one in your face. It can lead to revolution or peace making. Dramatic? Maybe so. But on the receiving end of some bad words, messages and grammar assaults lately, I remain committed to words and how those words flow together to tell a story.

Some people could not care less. Here’s why they’re wrong.

When you receive a piece of direct mail advertising, do you take the sender’s message less seriously if there is a typo in a headline?

If your name is misspelled (badly as my name often is) on a medical record, does it give you less confidence in the medical office personnel where you’re getting treated?

What if you receive a resume from a job seeker and the applicants gets your company name wrong and also assume an incorrect gender? (Yes, that happens to me all the time with the first name of Kyle.)

And how about the grammatical error that is so egregious that any sixth-grade English teacher would groan out loud? (Mine used to smack us on the fleshy part of the palm with a wooden ruler – back in the day when smacks were allowed.)

What about the online shopping and security alerts where pros advise you to watch out and disregard websites with typos and grammatical errors as they are tipoffs to fakes and phonies?

Every word you write – every post you make – every tweet you send – has word repercussions.

If you don’t believe me, check out this recent survey by Global Lingo provided by one of our readers.

Remember the Power of the Word and use your words wisely, in business and in fun.

In case you don’t believe me, read on …

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And for those written in tattoo land, imagine sporting some of these around on your skin that would require surgical removal.

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