kyleicon17Thank a Reporter Today

When a reporter hits a home run, say so. Comprehensive stories with context are more difficult to report than ever in our nanosecond-obsessed world.

Occasionally, just say thanks — for no reason. It’s a tough job, with awful hours and stress. And reporters are often lied to and force fed junk. (I can recount by name everyone who bold-faced lied to me when I worked in a newsroom. You still know who you are.)

Provide just what’s needed and no more. No one appreciates a deluge of information unless it’s needed. More isn’t always better. Less is often best.

Tweet a kudo. Everyone likes to be acknowledged in social, but do it when you’re sincere — and not just for points.

Follow someone who has been laid off and connect where you can via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+,, etc. You may know of a job out there that would be a great connection for a master communicator.

Send flowers anonymously. Everyone likes flowers. Chocolate is good as long as your designee doesn’t have food allergies.

Pay it forward. If someone you know is looking for a home for a great story, recommend a hard-working reporter who gets it right.

Stop complaining about paywalls and links that don’t work. They know it. You know it. Move on for a day.

Appreciate the correction. Always.

Offer a soothing salve of your listening time if someone wants to rant. Just listen and stop pitching. No commentary necessary.

Why say thanks? Many reporters are being laid off across the country. If you can’t say thanks now, you’ll wish you had later.

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