Image Campaign

Got steak? If you do, you’re one of scores of Indy steakhouses carnivorously competing with each other for a slice of the public relations pie (or Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake). But Morton’s The Steakhouse decided to tap into our public relations magic to get busy private boardroom events for journalists and more. Tech savvy? Check with, one of the first local restaurants to use the online reservation system. Live grill segments? Check on local TV stations for grilling tips, wine pairings and more. Charity events? Check with March of Dimes and Second Helpings fundraisers. Special promotions? Check again with and anniversary “Perfect Pair” for summer specials. Public spotlight? Check “Taxi Appreciation Day” with donated drive-by lunches for Yellow Cab drivers. Celebrity sightings? Check (but you’ll have to ask for us to tell). Public relations results score for the summertime days to fill the tables at this Indianapolis restaurant.