Media Relations

Media in mind, Kyle Communications put advance technology into reality for Verizon Wireless by breaking down the numbers about its Indiana infrastructure investment. Beyond the massive milestone of a $1 billion network investment in Indiana, we told media the story of what was yet to come and how Indiana businesses and consumers would benefit from 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) advances. Tapping Indiana cities where Verizon Wireless was present and accounted for in network reliability, we launched the “Americus to Wilbur and IN between” exclusive. For the doubters,  Americus and Wilbur are real places in Indiana. The network message was developed with media in mind and with specific messages for media by type and beat.

Results: The media effort garnered more than 120 clips in less than two weeks after an exclusive call with a regional vice president—from blogs to radio reports and everything “IN” between. 


Media Campaign for Verizon Wireless Indiana