If you’re focused on getting the word about your company, brand, or personal profile, you may be missing the importance of creating a partnership with your local TV station or a broadcast media group owner.

The opportunities are often diverse – from a nationwide network of sports podcasters to digital targeting through TikTok. If you don’t buy time from TV, you may not know about these exclusive and signature offerings that can work just as well for B2B as they do for B2C.

Here’s what you may be overlooking in the search for meaningful data and support for milestone growth:
• Stations use scannable QR codes during broadcasts – sometimes for the duration of a segment – that will give you additional data. Nexstar and Scripps offer tracking that goes deep into reporting with robust analytics.
Tegna offers its ‘Locked On’ network of more than 200 sports podcasts that reach as many as 25 million sports fans a month. Podcast hosts cover national leagues and college sports.
• The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data Scripps offers exclusively to clients allows any business to target and retarget consumers attending open houses in specific zip codes. Imagine the possibilities for home repair, plumbing and HVAC companies or home internet providers.

If you haven’t heard of these options, you’re not the only one. Many of these offerings are not on the daily menu. You may be placing too narrow of a request for paid support in TV land thinking traditional commercial time only – or simply not asking the right questions.

Schedule 30-minute calls with media reps to showcase their wares and leave plenty of room for Q-and-A. Invite your clients because it’s good for transparency and helps organizations understand the more sophisticated potential that TV has to offer.

What TV partners can deliver goes way beyond paid social media support or 30-second commercial spots. Broadcast companies are innovative and always improving their targeting and tactics.

Along the local station trend lines:
• More stations across the U.S. have added 4 p.m. news hours, which usually have a larger number of viewers.
• Many are expanding their lifestyle location taping options at no extra cost to clients.
• If you’re seeking a Spanish speaking audience, then Gray and NBC are the best partners with the most stations.
• And stations with lifestyle shows often syndicate to partner stations – so one segment can repeat in 70+ additional markets or more at no extra cost.

Don’t approach anything as typical when it comes to local TV. For example, check out your local “sponsored” broadcasts on consumer lifestyle shows.

Currently, there are more than 200 lifestyle shows across the United States in markets big and small. The majority are owned by Nexstar. One informative interview with a great client storyteller can work for a wide reach of households for a brand. Some of these shows have as many as 50,000 local viewers (as ranked by Comscore or Nielsen). The digital audience reach for their websites is even higher.

Consider the timely seasonal topic of back-to-school buying, which starts in July. This year, spending by families is expected to reach $82.8 billion. No one should be leaving money like that on the table – from optometrists doing annual eye exams to clothing products and tech brands.

What else can you do to optimize your local TV opportunities?
• Work locally and regionally. A good local rep that hustles can blossom into your preferred regional booker. A national sales rep is less likely to want anything to do with local TV and would prefer booking larger, six-figure and higher ad buys.
• Consider that TV reps can work on a base with commission. So, prices are somewhat negotiable, especially for larger budgets – and if you’re making regular buys.
• If a rep wants your business for the long term, that person will find helpful and creative ways to maximize your reach.
• Ask reps for examples of how they can support sales leads, conversions and retargeting efforts. And trust the experts.
• Look for drop-in opportunities where you can negotiate an exclusive sponsorship where the timing might be right for your product or services – like military appreciation.

Drill down when you can and learn more about their growth boosting tactics. Ask the right questions about your products and services – and what competitors may be doing. Now, start looking at local TV with a fresh pair of eyes.

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