Most Clicked News Stories

Survival of the Most Clicked Reality TV has set a funny tone across the globe for survival of the most talented, most skinny, most bitchy, most addicted, most pregnant, most Amish, most mean and more. In journalism, it’s a sad state of affairs

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Media Wrongs: Asking for a Correction

Asking for a correction from a reporter who gets it wrong can be a tough assignment. With the nature of online information and clicks driving the nation’s conversation, it must be done. Here’s advice on how to ask and receive a correction  —

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February Kicks off Local TV Sweeps

Local TV sweeps are the few months of the year in TV land when broadcast segments kick into high gear with investigative pieces and consumer segments that are intensely promoted and aggressively marketed by local television outlets. And sweeps start in February. So

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Why the Fuss Over Words & Grammar?

Why the Fuss Over Words & Grammar? Content. It can make you or break you. It can open a door and slam one in your face. It can lead to revolution or peace making. Dramatic? Maybe so. But on the receiving end of

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Why You Should Go to a TEDx Event

I get it. We’re all too busy to get out of our chairs, disconnect from our smartphones even momentarily, stop monitoring and engaging with our social media content, etc. Well, TEDx is a place you can go and enjoy the space. This week

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