A Few Questions About TV Strategy

Have a question about TV – social media strategy, websites and negative comments? Here’s our expert chat with an executive at Raycom Media. Q&A with Glen Hale Executive Director of Digital Content Raycom Media, an employee-owned media company @glen_hale I met Glen when

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Starting your own PR Practice

Starting your own PR practice? What to know Quite a few people have contacted me over the years asking – how did you start your own PR practice? After departing a big agency culture that wasn’t for me, I decided to try it

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About Those Cat Videos

Yes, cat videos do score. CNN Newsource and SPJ teamed up for a recent webinar to talk about best use of video – and it was power packed with trends that digital space practitioners need to know. Here’s what CNN’s Danay Faulkner shared.

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Doxxing – the latest media threat

If you haven’t heard, journalists are being threatened in new ways – unthanks to social media. It’s called doxxing. When the target of negative news coverage (or even neutral news coverage) gets miffed, there are plenty of ways to get even. In the

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Lobbying or PR? New York is redefining both

There’s a battle brewing in New York state over the distinction between lobbying and PR – with an adopted advisory opinion of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics now moving to a court challenge. The commission adopted an advisory opinion that reinterprets lobbying

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Your Colonoscopy on Periscope

Remember the Reader’s Digest headlines – I am Joe’s colon? These were written as first person accounts of an organ residing in your body – speaking from a colon’s perspective (of course). That was more than 30 years ago. Today, you can jump

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