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Social Media ROI

Ask a client about the goals of a social media campaign and the answer is almost always this: “We need to be there because everyone else is. Get me a following.” How can you measure social media ROI? Without a strategic plan in […]

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Is Facebook Forever?

With sassy Harvard boys in hoodies brainstorming today’s trailer on YouTube with Justin Timberlake, is Facebook forever? You know Facebook has earned its brand when the book becomes the movie and a former White House adviser is hired to protect FB interests. The […]

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The Value of Social Media AND Public Relations

While everyone can argue the value of social media, there are places where you simply have to be online to be “present” – to capture earned media through traditional or non-traditional PR avenues and to make sure you leverage the value of the […]

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Media Bashing

If you ask clients about media these days, you’re apt to get the echo of what you hear from friends and neighbors: They’re biased and they never get anything right. Media bashing is at an all-time high and media companies should be worried. […]

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Twitter Hijacking

If it can happen to CNN’s Rick Sanchez, it can probably happen to you. Twitter hijacking has been in the news of late with security breaches dinging celebrities, products and even newspaper sites. While Twitter has been quick to respond, it raises other […]

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Mommy Bloggers: Today’s Biggest Brand Influencers

It’s not something you read about a lot on Inside Indiana Business—the M word. “M” for Moms. As single entrepreneurs and empowered groups, mommy bloggers are finding incredible success on the blogging end of the world as direct product influencers. If you don’t think […]

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