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Digital Opportunists

In today’s Twitterverse, it doesn’t take much to get noticed as a digital opportunist. You can insert yourself into a national debate, a blazing scandal, a hot topic or the trending line of a hot athlete. But the real question remains – did […]

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Bash the Media – Feed the Crowd

Media Elite. It’s a phrase kicked around easily and rolls off the tongues of politicians. While this used to be reserved to back-room banter when an interview didn’t go so well, it’s now front and center in presidential debates as witnessed in South […]

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Crisis Communications Checklist

‘Tis the season to get organized and that means getting your crisis communications checklist completed. Maybe the task is not as much fun as spreading evergreen wreaths and holiday lights around the office, but it should be high on your to-do list as […]

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Have a Trending #2012!

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Going Negative

Bob Schieffer (via his friend Tom Friedman of The New York Times) recently had an interesting commentary on political branding. Seems an advertising man explained to Friedman why major commercial brands don’t eat each other alive by “going negative” on a competitor in […]

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Political Endorsements by Media

Political endorsements by media are a time-honored tradition. A newspaper editorial board, which generally includes the publisher on down to columnists, meets with candidates and grills them on policy issues. The board votes and decides which candidate is worthy of a public endorsement […]

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