What is Bias in Journalism Today?

There are significant differences in the way journalism is practiced today than as briefly as 10 years ago. A decade, is not so long in the history of a profession that dates back to the first colonial newspaper of 1690 (coincidentally suppressed after

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The Tone of Nasty

This one is worth thinking about – when the president sends nasty tweets, does it sell? According to the Institute for Public Relations (IPR): “The 2018 Public Affairs Pulse survey shows that nearly 60% of Americans rarely or never read President Trump’s tweets,

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How Journalists Work

  “Shareability, Credibility and Objectivity: The State of Journalism Today” is the latest survey of journalists in today’s social media age, which was a joint effort of Muck Rack and Zeno Group. The sample size of this online survey of how journalists work

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How Indies Score PR Work

The Consultant vs. FTE Debate: How Indies Score PR Work Why go indie with your public relations – as in choosing an independent practitioner? We’ve come up with a pretty good list for you to consider indies – and for indies to share

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Know Your Worth – Indie PR Practice Survey

Know Your Worth – Second Annual Practice Survey for Indies For the second consecutive year, PRSA’s Independent Practitioners Alliance Section launched a practice survey to gather information on how indies in PR work – what do they charge, how they spend their time

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Shooting Cellphone Video On the Fly

Not Shooting Video Yet with your Cellphone? You’re not alone in being intimidated by the powerful tool in your hands. Without post production, special lighting, scripts and story boarding, some people are just too overwhelmed to share brand stories with cellphone video –

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