Corporate Blogging

If you read a lot of “blah” and “meh” recently, it’s because someone decided that content (and likely visuals) aren’t too important. The same holds true for an event with lackluster attendance or a new product that excites no one. At Kyle Communications, we’ve generated some of the top shared and top viewed content for corporations to state associations — web landing pages, video, podcasts and social media. We’ve increased attendance at events by targeted social media invites. And we’ve increased followers and online shares beyond expectations.


  • Created “Tech Trendsetter” series for Verizon with top reads and social media shares in the Midwest
  • Tripled digital newsletter readership for state hospitality association
  • Increased Facebook following by 8 times for state hospitality association with targeted ads

Corporate Blogging

Tech Trendsetters Profiles in Indiana: Verizon’s network success for busy shoppers at the Vera Bradley outlet sale