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Social Media Whiners

Explosive growth in social media also means explosive growth in professional social media whiners—the people who target major corporations with every niggling complaint known to human kind; from lousy tableside service at a restaurant to late check-in with airlines. In the wake of […]

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The Cell Phone Crowd Equals Motivated Voters

Overall, 82 percent of American adults own a mobile phone and a quarter use them to connect politically. It’s an undeniable truth that the cell phone crowd equals motivated voters. That’s the takeaway about the November election according to a newly released report […]

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Social Media and the Hatch Act

While the power of social media builds, the reality is that some people must proceed cautiously during election season—especially federal employees using social media who are regulated by the Hatch Act. A recent nine-page memo issued by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel […]

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Make a Social Media Plan

Maybe The New York Times did get it wrong. The standards editor at the newspaper wrote a memo asking Times writers to avoid using the word “tweet,” suggesting favor for “established usage and ordinary words over the latest jargon or buzzwords.” With Facebook […]

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Social Media ROI

Ask a client about the goals of a social media campaign and the answer is almost always this: “We need to be there because everyone else is. Get me a following.” How can you measure social media ROI? Without a strategic plan in […]

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Is Facebook Forever?

With sassy Harvard boys in hoodies brainstorming today’s trailer on YouTube with Justin Timberlake, is Facebook forever? You know Facebook has earned its brand when the book becomes the movie and a former White House adviser is hired to protect FB interests. The […]

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