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Political Endorsements by Media

Political endorsements by media are a time-honored tradition. A newspaper editorial board, which generally includes the publisher on down to columnists, meets with candidates and grills them on policy issues. The board votes and decides which candidate is worthy of a public endorsement […]

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Don’t Pitch Dead People

As PR practices go, we often hear complaints from incoming, new or current clients about the other PR firms they once hired, considered hiring or long ago left. It’s not unusual in the small and chatty circles of people in the communications business […]

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State of The News Media Report 2011

Every dollar of an advertising budget should count, so how do you make the most of that pie slice in 2011? Technology is critical to the mix as traditional media struggle to get key content to readers, viewers, and users in paid content […]

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The Cell Phone Crowd Equals Motivated Voters

Overall, 82 percent of American adults own a mobile phone and a quarter use them to connect politically. It’s an undeniable truth that the cell phone crowd equals motivated voters. That’s the takeaway about the November election according to a newly released report […]

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Make a Social Media Plan

Maybe The New York Times did get it wrong. The standards editor at the newspaper wrote a memo asking Times writers to avoid using the word “tweet,” suggesting favor for “established usage and ordinary words over the latest jargon or buzzwords.” With Facebook […]

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