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Media Infographic: Friends or Enemies?

MEDIA INFOGRAPHIC: Friends or Enemies? In our “Media Infographic: Friends or Enemies?” learn a few quick tips for dealing with today’s Twitter-driven press. You can determine your own fate by making a reporter your friend or your foe. You can easily share this […]

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Going Social – Where are the CMOs?

If you had to guess, do you think C-suite executives get social? According to a global survey, CEOs get social, but CMOs are failing to implement. That’s a major internal disconnect in securing loyal brand advocates. IBM’s Peter Korsten said the culprits to […]

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Top Complaints from Media—About PR

What do journalists say about PR practitioners? They can’t write. They pester. They don’t give me enough information (or the right information). They miss the big picture. They’re not timely. They don’t know what I do, cover, or care about. Somewhere these lines […]

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Has Facebook Hit its Peak?

Facebook noise has been significant in recent months leading up to Friday’s much anticipated IPO and yammering over social media and unpredictable tech stocks (and now investor lawsuits). Has Facebook hit its peak? One fact remains – more than 900 million registered users […]

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Kardashians Famous for Being Famous

Is the Kardashian clan news? Enough for Barbara Walters, who interviewed les femmes for her special on the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2011,” and referred to them as a family that’s made a living out of “being famous.” No talents to speak […]

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Going Negative

Bob Schieffer (via his friend Tom Friedman of The New York Times) recently had an interesting commentary on political branding. Seems an advertising man explained to Friedman why major commercial brands don’t eat each other alive by “going negative” on a competitor in […]

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