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Your Colonoscopy on Periscope

Remember the Reader’s Digest headlines – I am Joe’s colon? These were written as first person accounts of an organ residing in your body – speaking from a colon’s perspective (of course). That was more than 30 years ago. Today, you can jump […]

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Cause Related Marketing Tips

Show of hands: How many top brands use cause related marketing to win the hearts and minds of their target audiences? You may be surprised at the answer from Cause Marketing Forum: Although the term “cause-related marketing” is attributed to American Express and its […]

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Free Content is No Way to Work

Wil Wheaton’s Words Are Not FREE. Write it? Get paid for it. So says Wil Wheaton, whose fan base is significant. He kindly blasted the Huffington Post for asking him to republish one of his posts for FREE. Wheaton – an actor, comedian, […]

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Who Wants to be Average?

Seriously, who wants to be average? One communications trend we do love is branded content, which means, as we love to say in our tag: own your story, tell your story, live your story. Here’s how we made content king for one of […]

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2015 Public Relations Adjustment

Wanted: 2015 Public Relations Adjustment The start of a new year is always a good point to ask your clients – how can I help and what could we be doing differently in public relations? Many people are afraid to ask or even […]

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The Social Media Story of “Chef”

If you haven’t seen “Chef,” the movie, it will be a flick frozen in time for how Twitter works (right now). Jon Favreau’s up and downs as a chef gone viral with a critic rant is pretty spot on. Now, whether a food […]

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Three-Time PRSA & IABC Best of Show Winner

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