Lobbying or PR? New York is redefining both

There’s a battle brewing in New York state over the distinction between lobbying and PR – with an adopted advisory opinion of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics now moving to a court challenge. The commission adopted an advisory opinion that reinterprets lobbying

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Free Content is No Way to Work

Wil Wheaton’s Words Are Not FREE. Write it? Get paid for it. So says Wil Wheaton, whose fan base is significant. He kindly blasted the Huffington Post for asking him to republish one of his posts for FREE. Wheaton – an actor, comedian,

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Public Relations Bounty: $25K for USA Today

If you haven’t heard by now, a company trying to make a new name for itself is offering a sizeable Public Relations bounty to have a product featured by three select publications that have a broad reach, including USA Today, the Wall Street

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Gannett’s Growing Digital Empire

As Gannett builds its new digital empire, the media giant is hosting workshops in various cities bringing in presenters from Phoenix and Nashville to talk businesses into buying their expanded services. The latest menu offers everything from websites to pay-per-click ad campaigns and

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Ethical Fading

From the phone-hacking scandal at News of the World to Anthony Weiner’s fall from grace and resignation from Congress, you need to determine what has become, or might become, an accepted part of your business culture or “ethical fading.” While both might seem

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