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Going Negative

Bob Schieffer (via his friend Tom Friedman of The New York Times) recently had an interesting commentary on political branding. Seems an advertising man explained to Friedman why major commercial brands don’t eat each other alive by “going negative” on a competitor in […]

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A Time and Place to Opine

Between Hank Williams Jr. and the Bank of America this week, we’re not sure who made the worst mess – a country singer who compared an American political figure to Hitler or a major institution adding $5 debit fees which prompted a Facebook […]

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When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, an eyewitness becomes critical to telling the story. Nothing can be more dramatic or personal than the minute-by-minute description of someone who’s been in the middle of a catastrophic event. And if eyewitnesses aren’t to be found, often times the […]

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