Brand Campaign

Navy Week is scheduled in just 15 cities a year – including Indianapolis. To profile the Navy and its crews, more than 80 outreach events were scheduled in August with an emphasis on local PR. Helping locate the right community partners and putting the Navy in its best light, Kyle Communications assisted with all elements of the week-long program. The results: Exposed more than 11 million Americans to the Navy in one week’s time via traditional and social media outreach. The number of Indy-area events and media KPI were well above Navy Week program averages since 2005 – a record high. We introduced the Navy to Facebook Live for the first time in their media efforts and made sure that community partners had #NavyWeek messaging.


  • 83 events from Aug. 7-13, 2017
  • 11.2 million total impressions
  • Reached 1,073,090 TV homes
  • 375 users who posted #NavyWeek
  • 590 total Tweets using #NavyWeek