What infographics are
An infographic is a graphic that is chock-full of information. Think PowerPoint, but much prettier and more informative in one document. Lots of words loaded into a visually appealing online poster.

How infographics are used
Infographics are really Internet marketing tools – you can embed them in blogs or websites and encourage sharing by providing a snippet of code to do so.

Who uses infographics
Everyone uses infographics from nonprofits like DonorsChoose.org, which funds individual classroom projects for teachers, to the Marriott hyping select city venues.

Where to get an infographic
Check out graphic designers, ad agencies, social media gurus, and communications firms. Anyone who has a grasp on marketing has a connection to finding a great maker of infographics.

Like any content created for the Web, an infographic can light a viral torch or sink into oblivion.

We’re not sure every infographic hits the ball out of the park. Here’s one from Evansville-based Atlas Van Lines. We’re not sure why anyone would share this when it’s a company promotion only (and doesn’t give you tips about moving).

Some of the top content infographics are linked to the use of humor, “novel” insights, how-to topics, or trending issues. Designs can include process graphs, text lists, single-topic charts, timelines, repeated charts, or mixed charts.

If it’s pretty and powerful, it may sell – but the outcome generally depends on social media influencers and how it’s shared. Keep it simple, clean and timely – and chances are you’ll make a point.

Want our take on media in an infographic? Check it out.

Here are hundreds to wander through and see what strikes you in terms of content. And here’s one we really like since it translates so simply for small business owners wondering about this kind of expense.

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