Brand Campaign

Brand Campaign

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers is a 500-member association representing the state’s package store owners. A highly regulated industry that is often under siege with negative headlines about license violations and community challenges to permit renewals, the association told a different story through Kyle Communications. The objective was to tell the untold story of its progressive managers acting as front-line guardians thwarting the increasing use of blue-chip fake IDs in Indiana with high-tech ID scanning devices. The IDLogix, a handheld, wireless device that detects counterfeit IDs by reading the encrypted magnetic stripe of a driver’s license, was loaned to stores weeks in advance of the Homecoming trials for vendor training and testing. Media strategy included timely announcements at the peak of college Homecoming season. The proactive media strategy campaign generated buzz and fueled momentum for the association across the nation, including coverage by The Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, USA Today,, The Houston Chronicle and The Washington Times.

Media Strategy Results: A total of 120 news articles (including television) were generated by media announcements made near three of the state’s largest university campuses. ROI = $482,427.73.




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